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    Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS) is an accredited Proficiency Testing Provider (PTP)
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    India according to IS017043-2010 vide certificate no PC1045 in metals and alloys.


Our Wide Array Of Proficiency Testing Services Includes Chemical Analysis Services, Mechanical Parameters, Metallography and microstructure, Intergranular corrosion, Pitting corrosion and Salt Spray.

Proficiency tests are important quality control tools for a laboratory and participation in proficiency test is the mandatory requirement for the laboratory accreditation procedure according to ISO17025. Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS) is NABL, India accredited Proficiency Test Provider (PTP) according to ISO 17043. DMS has been accredited for various metallurgical parameters and methods that include chemical analysis, mechanical properties, metallography and microstructure, intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion and atmospheric corrosion. DMS provides homogenized PT samples to all participants at predetermined schedule. The participants determine the value of analytes and  report the results to us.

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Proficiency Testing Provider

Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS)

DMS has been organizing all accredited 74 programs ( seventy four ) simultaneously and concurrently at regular periodicity of three months starting from July 2022, since 2019, DMS has organized 150 programs for about 1000 participants.

The management of DMS as PTP is composed of PTP testing program committee chaired by MD, a metallurgist having wide experience in research


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